Founder’s Story

iCOR, The Founder’s Story

In the year 2001, iCOR’s vision was birthed through the fervent prayers of its founder, Lily Colgate, who passed away in 2014. Lily began to have dreams of children abandoned in streets and babies thrown into trash cans. Believing God was leading her to help children in need and through confirmations, favor and open doors, iCOR was born having been incorporated in April of 2004.

Lily experienced a difficult childhood and suffering its repercussions, understands how imperative it is for societies to bring healing to the younger generations before they grow up to repeat the same patterns of destruction which erode the foundational structure of society by breaking families apart. Lily, is survived by her husband, Todd, and five children. Lily’s call through iCOR, Inc. is to provide God’s love, hope and healing to children in need beginning in her own homeland, El Salvador and to other places of the world as God leads.


Here’s an excerpt of an interview with iCOR founder Lily Colgate on Atlanta Live: